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SE Drive Cover

You need to remove this cover to change the SE Drive, swap the ignition ring for an aftermarket one, change the ignition barrel or change the central locking receiver.

Modification Details

This is the SE Drive (gear stick) mechanism cover.

First we have to remove the gear knob. Grab, don't push the button, pull upwards with much force.
Don't smack yourself in the face or punch the roof.

If you have auto, removing the gear knob will reveal the auto selector switch.

Look under the hand brake. That circle needs to be gone.

Jam a flat blade screwdriver in and lever out the cap.

If you ever see it again, this is what it looks like.

In the bottom the the hole is a Torx15 screw. Remove it.

The front section of the cover now needs to be pulled straight up.

The clip will try to stop you though. Levering it up is usually necessary.

The cover can then be lifted straight up...

...and out of the car.

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