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Interior guides and mods

450 Seat Removal

Swapping your seats over or running some cables?

Modification Details


If you have side airbags it is recommended that you disconnect the battery and leave for
5 minutes before you attempt to unplug the yellow airbag connectors under the seat.
Remember to plug it back in and secure the wires before reconnecting the battery.

If you have heated seats, ensure that the ignition is off when you unplug the black
heated seat plugs from under each seat. Reconnect before turning the ignition on.

Removing the seats

Using a 17mm socket, undo the belt support bolt on the door side of the chair.

Slip the seat belt out of the retainer.

Slide the seat forward and using a Torx 45 bit, remove the bolts at the back.

Both sides.

Slide the seat back and using the same Torx bit remove the front bolts.

Both sides.

With those removed you can now lift the seat free from the car.

Refitting is the reverse of above, remember to reconnect any wires under the seats.

RHD Driver's Side Seat Spacers

In an attempt to fix the ergonomic problem of the RHD cars (caused by a top mounted accelerator pedal instead of
a floor mounted accelerator pedal), smart decided to add a pair of spacers underneath the front seat frame, between
the floor and the frame. This lifts the legs by angling the seat and improves the angle for the accelerator.

This doesn't suit everyone. Some people prefer to remove these spacers. If you do this, you have 2 options
regarding the bolts. If you remove the spacers, the original bolts are too long so you can always replace
them with shorter bolts. However, the more simple solution is to move the spacer to on to of the spacer.

Put the bolt through the spacer, through the frame and into the car. This spaces the top of the bolt out.

Seat Airbag Wiring Information

Thanks to Iain Moone for the info

The seat airbag connections can be plugged in either way around so check your wiring.

Drivers Seat:
Violet/White to Brown
Violet/Green Blue

Passenger Seat:
Violet/Yellow to Brown
Violet/Grey to Blue

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