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450 Speedo LCD Invert

Modification Details

Word of warning. Unlike the 451 fortwo and Roadster, the 450 fortwo LCD cannot be disconnected from the speedo.
If you screw this up, you'll need a new speedo, not just a new LCD.

Disassemble the speedo.

Zoom your eyes right in on the front of the LCD panel, you feel a ridge.
Take yourself a nice sharp razor blade and get in underneath and peel it off.

The drawback here is that the film you remove has the outlines and numbers on it. Do you need them though?

Once the film is off, you'll have adhesive left behind. U
se isopropyl alcohol, the razor and a rag to remove the adhesive.

Get your new film and try it in all directions on both sides until you get a nice black screen on the LCD.

Cut it to shape and stick it into position. I found the best way was to use sticky tape right on the very edges.
But you can use double sided tape all the way around. It's up to you to make it look good.

Reassemble the speedo and test.

Photo coming as soon as I can be bothered to wire it to a bench power supply.

Can I Buy New Film?

Yes. Personally I bought this one and it works fine although only at 45 degrees so it does waste a bit of the filter.

This one isn't self adhesive but you can get it with self adhesive properties. I just couldn't get hold of some quickly enough.

What you are looking for is polarising film. It's usually advertised with an angle such as 0 degree 90 degree.
However, a lot of sellers don't put the angle. If you get a 100mm x 100mm square, you'll have enough.

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