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Interior guides and mods

450 Window Height Adjustment

Quite a few owners have complained about their window over shooting the rubber seal and ending up too high.

Modification Details

If your window over-shoots its stopping point (seen below), it can damage the rubber seal, the glass and the motor.

Remove the outer door panel to reveal the insides. Lower the window to the position you want it to stop using the
inside window switch. Usually a quick tap of the window switch is enough to bring it down to the correct level.

At each end of the top rail is a silver bracket held in position with a black Torx headed bolt.
Loosen both of these with a Torx30 screwdriver and let them drop down to their natural stopping point.

You can then retighten the black bolts. The windows will now stop at that position.

Why Do The Windows Over-Shoot The Stop Point?

The stop brackets take a lot of force when the window closes. Over time, these get pushed up and become misaligned. Realigning the brackets and tightening then down will sort the issue for many years.

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