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451 Boot Divider

The roller blind style boot cover came in a + version with a cargo net that required new fittings to be fitted

Modification Details

All credit goes to Simon R for this fitting guide.

The 451 has 2 different types of boot cover, the standard roller blind style boot cover and the "plus"
version which is a lot more rare. It is essentially the same as the original type but with a cargo net
that extends from the roller section right up to the roof. Fitting this required extra fixings.

Fitting The Smart Divider +

Open the boot and look at the back edge of the carpet for 2 plastic inserts
(circled below), pull both of these out to reveal the holes underneath.

You will replace them with these metal loops. Push them through the carpet and screw into the
holes located underneath with a Torx40 screwdriver. They may be a tight fit through the carpet.

Here they are fitted to the car.

Now you must remove the roof panel directly above the boot. On the rear roof panel
there is a hook on each side, in the centre of these are Torx20 screws, remove them.

Go to the back of the car and pull the nearest edge down.

Then slide the entire panel towards the front of the car.

Here you can see the clips that slide in place to secure the panel.

The panel is now removed from the car. Look in each corner for the template outlines.

You need to cut out the 2 circles either side and the blob shape in the centre.
Use a Dremel or similar rotary tool to remove the plastic. Take your time.

The cut doesn't have to look nice as it will be covered by an insert that clips in place.

With the holes cut, compress and insert a decorative cover at each end.

The holes are not threaded, you get a pair of silver metal plates that slide in on top of this
section from one side (see the arrow below). It is recommended that you apply a length of
tape to each insert so you can adjust the position and remove them if they move out of position.
The last thing you want is to lose these inserts inside the shell.

With the backing plate in position you can place the black outer tab plate in place and bolt
it through the holes into the backing plate. Tighten them with an E socket (probably E12).

Repeat on the other side and refit the roof panel. You will see that the metal
tab protrudes through the panel and is covered by the decorative cover piece.

Fit the roller blind cover section as before then clip the net to the lower and upper fixings.

The elasticated arrangement of the net will automatically adjust the tension when fitted.

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