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451 Boot Light

For some reason, smart decided to leave out the rear courtesy light. It was obviously a cost cutting exercise but with a bigger boot and dark materials, it really needs a light.

Modification Details

Recessed LEDs

What we will be fitting is a very cheap option. 3 plain 5mm white LEDs.
These were bought from Ebay and are prewired with a resistor so they are ready to work on the
12 volt system. The LED holders can be bought from all online electronics shops like Maplin.

Remove the rear interior roof trim as
seen here. Drill appropriate size holes evenly spaced
along the roof trim. Push an LED into a holder and push the holder into the drilled hole.

Look on the back of the trim you will see strengthening ribs, this helps to space the LEDs out evenly.

The LEDs don't have to be in a straight line but make it symetrical or it will look rubbish.

Extend the wires, remove the side and front roof trim as
seen here,
run the wires to the front and refit the rear trim.


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