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451 Boot Switch Change

The boot opening handle switch was one of the first repeating problems when the 451 was released in the UK. What made the problem worse was the lack of stock that smart had, this meant a long wait.

Modification Details

One fault that is becoming more common is the boot switch failing.
The fault means the boot hatch won't open and the lack of internal
boot opening switch can cause some serious agro.

It is a simple swap so instead of waiting for smart, sort it yourself.

Manually open the boot and remove the exterior boot panel

With the panel off, look on the back to see the switch.

The switch assembly is removed simply by lifting the 2 tabs and tipping it backwards.

The entire unit is normally replaced but the microswitch can be unclipped although levering
the metal clip off will damage the microswitch, not a problem if you are going to replace it.

Microswitches are generally quite robust so there is a possibility that a spray of switch
cleaner could fix the fault. I doubt it would be that hard to find a suitable replacement.

Most 3rd party microswitches have a pair of holes in them for fixing.
Just line the plunger of the new switch with the tab on the handle, drill 2 small holes
in the plastic holder and bolt the new switch in place with small nuts and bolts.

It obviously means you would have to cut the existing connector to the old
switch and wire the new switch to it but that is only 2 wires so isn't too taxing.

If you need to replace the whole unit, the part number for smart is A451 747 01 87.

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