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451 Brake Pedal Removal

Modification Details

Why Would I Need To Remove The Brake Pedal?

The main reason is that you are removing the carpet but you may have other reasons.

This is the brake pedal. If you didn't know that, you shouldn't be driving or maybe you're Italian and have never used it.

You know when you pull your t-shirt half way over your head and get stuck? Do exactly that to the pedal.
You can either attempt to unclip the base of the rubber bellows, however, it's easier to pull the rubber bellows
off of the white clip that goes through the carpet. With the rubber bellows out of the way, the clip is easier to unclip.

Look at the base. (All your base are belong to us). See that single Torx45 bolt?

Remove it.

Lift the pedal arm upwards...

...and fold it towards the back of the car whilst pulling sideways.

Suddenly, the brake pedal arm will release. You will see the cam lock at the bottom and the tab at the top.

The cam lock goes in the slot which is why you have to angle it to unlock.

The carpet can now be removed. The white base clip is much easier to remove with the carpet out.
The refitting is the reverse of the the removal of the reverse of removal.

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