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451 Glasses Holder

A very easy thing to fit which holds your glasses or sunglasses.

Modification Details

The glasses holder can be bought directly from smart. Part number A4516800152. £17 plus VAT.
It fits in the dash cubby hole in between the steering wheel and the door.

You are supplied with 2 self tapping screws that go into the holes circled below.

Screw both screws in place.

You can place it anywhere in the cubby hole but make sure that the flap opens unhindered.

If you place it as high as possible, the dash shrouds the top of the holder,
this means that people looking into the car cannot easily see the glasses.

Quite handy if you have some expensive shades.

Double check to see if your glasses will fit in the holder first. Some wrap around sunglasses may not
fit and those sweet looking Dame Edna glasses you wear when no one is looking definitely won't fit.

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