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451 Glovebox Lock Removal

Modification Details

If you bought a 2nd hand glove box with a lock in it that your key won't operate, you'll have to remove it so you
can replace it with one that does. Removing the old one does damage it but who gives a toss. It's going in the bin.

Here is the offending glove box lock. It's gotta go.

Pull the lever and have a look behind it, you'll see a white tab near the top. Press it in with a screwdriver.
Put a small screwdriver into the lock hole and lever the barrel out whilst still pressing the tab.

There is another tab hidden on the other side that you can't get to, levering the barrel will break this tab.

The barrel should come out.

You now have a fresh hole ready for your replacement lock barrel.

Go to smart with proof of ID and your vehicle documentation as you'll need it to order a new barrel.

The new barrel will come already manufactured to work with your keys. The barrel just pushed in place.
You can only put it in place 1 way around and it'll click when in position.

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