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451 SE Drive Cover

You will need to remove this cover if you want to remove the gear stick assembly, change the immobiliser chip detector or rescue a cabrio roof switch that has fallen through.

Modification Details

Look under the handbrake and you will find a circular cover,
pry it out and remove the Torx20 screw that is located underneath.

Put the gear stick in the N position and remove the gear knob by pulling it straight up.
This can be hard to do first time but it is important you don't press the button as you pull.

Lift up the back section of the cover and push it foward a touch to free the clip.

Lift the cover up over the gear stick shaft and off of the car.

It was interesting to note the part number on the side of the SE Drive. 452, a Roadster part.

Flip the cover over and you can push the plastic clips in to remove the main top insert.

With that out you can do the same with the coin holder, cabrio roof switch or MHD switch.

Pops out nice and easily.

If you are having problems with the cabrio roof switch falling in, you are either heavy handed
or need to reinforce the way it clips in. Super glue will work wonders for holding it in place.

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