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451 Sun Blind

Modification Details

Sun Blind Removal

Look down each side of the sun blind, you will see 5 Torx20 screws. Remove them.

The sunblind will now be removable from the car.

Christian D rightly recommends sliding the blind all of the way forwards when removing.
This will steady the runners on both sides and stops them flapping about.


It has been noted by some owners that the sun blind becomes stiff and can break.
Take it out of the car if the operation becomes harder than normal and use lithium grease on the moving parts.
Check for wear on both runners for fraying and lightly oil each one.

Sun Blind Refitting

Balance the sun shade roller on top of the seat headrests and loosely fit the 2 front screws.
Fit the 2 rear screws followed by the remaining middle screws. Do not over tighten these.

If you over tighten the screws there is a chance of snapping the lugs, these are bonded to
the polycarbonate roof so breaking them could mean you need a whole new roof. Expensive.

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