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453 Ignition Key Stuck

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My Ignition Key Won't Come Out!

Yep, it's a new common problem, only on petrol 453's with an automatic gearbox or the 453 ED/EQ electric drive cars.

Why Doesn't It Just Come Out Like A Normal Key?

On the manual cars, the car doesn't care what position the gearbox is in when you turn the car off and remove the key.
Cars with the dual clutch auto (DCT - Twinamic) or ED/EQ with a fixed ratio transmission, the gearbox must be in park.

So, to stop you removing the key incorrectly, the ignition barrel locks the key in place.

But I Am In Park

And that's the problem. The thing that holds the key gets stuck.

How Can I Remove The Key?

You need to remove the plastic cover under the steering column. It's probably screwed in place so remove those.


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