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453 Seat Removal

Modification Details

There are literally some reasons to remove the seats. My reason will become clear later.

Here are the horrible standard seats. Why the fuck would you make white fabric seats! How long will they stay white?

Slide the seats all the way back to reveal the front Torx E12 bolts. Remove them.

Slide the seat all the way forwards and remove the Torx E12 bolts.

Tilt the seat backwards to access the connectors. Disconnect everything you find.
These will be some of the following. Heated seat, seat side airbag, occupancy sensor and seat belt clip sensor.

They all just unplug. Everything but the heated seat connector runs to the multi-way yellow connector.

There are a pair of covers that slide off the end of the seat runners. You don't have to remove them.

Unless you are fitting new seats.

They slide back on after you've fitted the replacement seats.

Which brings us to why I removed the crappy white seats. To fit different seats.

You can get leather heated seats but I went for these Renault Twingo Mk3 seats.
They bolt and plug right in and fit the fortwo and forfour.

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