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453 Vent & Ring Removal

Modification Details

Why would you want to remove the vents and the rings? Some people want to fit those over priced crap looking metal vent inserts. Also, people may want to change the colour of the rings.

The central vents pull out fairly easily.

The side vents are a lot harder to remove. They should just pull out but generally, the amount you have to pull them, it feels like you're going to break something. You can try to lift the internal clips to make it easier to remove, however, it's a ball ache.

Eventually you'll get angry and just yank it out and you might not break anything.

Once out, you can actually see the excessive clips used.

Then you can just remove the rings. HA, NO! Just kidding.

Renault decided that clips just weren't enough and decided to add super glue as well! Pricks. (look at the brown patches).

Thankfully, super glue has a very low modulous of elasticity. This means that flexing it should break the connection.

I carefully squeezed it all the way around with a vice padded with some microfibre cloths.

If you don't have a vice, you can try breaking the connection with acetone. This breaks down super glue.
Or you can try heating the ring with a hair dryer to soften it before squeezing all the way around.

However, if you break a ring, you'll have to buy a new one from smart.
Once you have the ring off, you can pull the adjustable vent ball out and fit the tacky looking metal replacements.

If you really want them, look on the Chinese selling sites and search for 453 Turbo Vent.

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