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Brabus Handbrake Grip Fitting

Fitting the Brabus Handbrake.

Modification Details

Brabus Handbrake Cover

The original handbrake cover  on the fortwo is a boring grey plastic piece of crap that makes your car look dull.
If only there was a nice aluminium cover that could replace it and look better.

Well, your luck is in. All you have to do is pay a load of money and one is yours!

Fitting is dead easy and is shown for both the new and old fortwo type of handbrake.
You will only need an allen key to fit the new grip but you may need a spanner, cloth and
hammer to get the original 451 handbrake off as the fitting is different to that of the 450.

Either way, it's not going to take more than 10 minutes to fit one of these.


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