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Dismantling the Roadster Roof

If you want to recover or respray the hardtop headlining you can follow this guide

Modification Details

OTV's hardtop arrived a bit grubby, the exterior was fine but inside wasn't the best. No real matter for us, the car is all black inside and out, lets take it to bits and change the colour.

Here's the roof as it came, and I've cleaned the living daylights out of it to get it to this stage.

This item is probably pretty easy to recover you so wish, but for the exercise I'm going to spray it black with interior styling paint (folia tec), although any spray paint should do (plasti-kote etc).

Preparation is key so let's get those extra bits off and mask the rubber.

The bit towards the bottom right (above pic) is just 2x T30 screw, remove them. Next we have the holding arm, the cover of this just pops off and beneath are 2x T30s.

The locking edge piece has 3x T30 and 3x T20, remove these and the entire section will lift off.

Unpop the rubber seal, note it doesnt remove completely, although along that edge is fine!

At the far end it's attached by more T20, I removed these for this exercise but that entire edge is stuck down as well, so there isnt much point. Just be careful not to rip the seal in half where it joins!

Mask off the edges, take it to your painting area (not the lounge carpet), and spray away. You will need quite a few coats and will probably use an entire can of spray, but it sets quickly (being cloth) and as it's not a smooth finish, it doesnt involve much skill.

Once dry and with bits reattached you should have something like this (compared next to other unpainted side), just do the other side in a similar way.

You are not limited to black as we are not dying the original fabric. As the original backing is fairly light in colour, you should have no problem spraying it any colour you wish, no matter how light.

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