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DIY Floor & Boot Mats

Make your own floor mats from lino.

Modification Details

Footwell Mats

To create the mats you will first need to visit a good carpet shop and have a look at their range of linoleum, lino has come a long way, you don't have to have wood effect.

The style I have chosen is a checker plate and was about £9 a metre.

Lay the original mats face down on the back of the lino
and trace around them with a marker or biro.

The shaded boxes are where the sticky backed velcro (hook side) should
be attached to stop the mats from moving.
Cut the pattern out with a suitable pair of scissors (get a grown up to help you).

Boot Liner

Using the offcut that I had left I made a boot liner, perfect for defending the carpet against muddy boots and intoxicated friends (if they go in there).

Cut it 38' long by 17' wide, give the front edges a radius by drawing around a mug and cutting them out, lay it in the boot and trim as needed.

3 things I should point out, firstly you shouldn't be putting people in your boot -
if someone crashes into the back of you there is a good chance your friend's dead body will damage the backs of the seats and possibly the upholstery.

Secondly a few people have said that these mats look crap, well that's fair enough but after winter your velour mats will look worse.

Lastly, never clean them with dashboard spray etc, they become very slippery.

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