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DIY Handbrake Gaiter

Cheaper than buying one from Smart

Modification Details

The above handbrake gaiter was made in about 10 minutes using scissors and superglue,
to make your own simply copy the plan below onto whatever you want to make it out of.

Mine is fake leather (leatherette), cost about £5 a metre and comes in several different colours. This can obviously be made from real leather also. Check Ebay or your Dad's coat.

When the glue has dried fold the whole thing in half so the good side is on the
inside and can't be seen. Glue both flap 'B's together with the superglue.
When the glue has dried turn the whole thing inside out, this will hide all the
glued tabs and reveal the good side.

Put your hand into it and give it a bit of shape, its now very obvious how it fits.
Slide the gaiter over the handbrake and position.

To keep it in place, some hook tape (velcro) can be placed to the underside of 'X', this isn't totally necessary though.

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