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Door Handle Cable Repair

Modification Details

Chris came across a fairly normal problem on the 450 and decided to repair instead
of replace due to his remote location and rip off prices and ethics from smart.

A cable like this wouldn't cost that much but smart decided not to sell them
separately and only made them available with a new exterior handle.

Due to lack of good and regular maintenance, the cable had worn through and snapped.

You have options here. You can reuse the end that snapped by trimming the cable
and drilling a hole through it. Chris decided to use a nail as it had the same diameter.

For fixing the cable in place you again have options. Chris pushed the cable through, splayed
the ends and used a metal glue. I'd recommend countersinking the hole with a slightly larger
drill bit, fluxing the end of the cable and soldering the splayed ends into the hole.

If you have a welder then a low powered tack weld will probably do the job too.

With the nail in place he simply trimmed it down to the correct length and refitted the cable.

Works perfectly, saves cash and should last as long as you did a half decent job.

From now on, make sure you grease the cables every year to stop it happening again.

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