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Gluing Rear View Mirror

Modification Details

During the hot summer of 2019, my rear view mirror ejected itself from the windscreen. The old glue had dried hard.
I bought this one from Amazon because I'm an impatient arse who refuses to wait. Prime FTW.

If you want the same stuff, click this.

Firstly, you have to clean up both mating faces. Luckily, the smart windscreen is obvious as to where the mount goes.

Use alcohol to clean both faces.

Raid your alcoholic Mum's secret stash of throat stripper Vodka of you don't have pure cleaning alcohol.

Take out the primer, pull off the paper sleeve and put it on the other end. This reveals the tip.

The paper sleeve also stops you getting stabbed on the next part. Squeeze...

...until the glass vial inside breaks. The primer will run into the tip.

Rub the primer onto the mount...

...and the windscreen.

Get the adhesive package ready.

Take your mount and place it onto some adhesive tape. I used fabric loom tap.

Place 2 spots of the glue onto the mount. You don't need any more than that. Don't spread it out.

Place the mount into position with the opening facing upwards.

Leave it for 2 Earth days before pulling the tape off and fitting the rear view mirror.

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