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Halfords/Ripspeed Handbrake Sleeve

Available from most Halfords/Ripspeed for the tiny sum of £14.99

Modification Details

Let's see what you get:

Fake leather handbrake gaiter,
Allen key and grub screws,
3 spacers,
1 end,
1 sleeve,
1 button.

Take the 2 thicker spacers and put them under your friends car and point them out,
laugh as they start trying to work out where they fell off.

Firstly remove the old sleeve by removing the plastic pin on the underside of the handle,
(this is the hardest part of the whole job), pull off the sleeve and unscrew the knob.

It's a good idea to wrap tape around the handle to stop it splitting open as it's in 2 halves.

Take the thin spacer and cut through it so it can slide over the lever.

Slide the cover down over the lever and onto the spacer, the thread which
held the original button slots inside the new button.

Pull the whole thing on until the button is no longer loose. Using the smallest
of the grub screws tighten them into the holes on the underside.

Ensure the handbrake works as it normally would do.

Slide the gaiter inside out over the sleeve and attach with a zip tie,
rotate the tie so the lump is underneath.

Pull the gaiter over the cover and tuck into the carpet. Finish the job
with a handbrake base plate seen here made by Metal Monkey.

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