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Hyper Reclining 451 Seats

Unlike all the other smarts, the 451 seat recline range is quite limited so lets increase that range.

Modification Details


Never drive the car with the seat reclined back further than it does as standard.
There has already been a death from driving a fortwo with an over-reclined seat.
Only use it if you are parked up and away from traffic.

Hyper Reclining The Seats

The picture below shows you exactly what we are looking to do.
We want to be as flat out as possible so we can sleep.

In July 2008 I was trying to do just that, sleep in my car and just wanted to recline.
I'm glad to tell you that you don't need any tools to make it do this, just brute strength.

Pull the lever on the side of the chair and tip back until you feel it stop. Keep the lever pulled up,
plant your feet into the floor and push the chair back with your shoulders. The seat begins to
move back slowly, allowing you to recline into the boot until the belt guide hits the boot plastic.

Release the lever and the seat will stay there. To bring it back up, pull the lever and pull the seat up.

Once you start doing this you have to carry on. If you stop, the seat can get stuck and won't go up.

Is This Going To Break Anything?

Sort of, yeah, but nothing serious. On the other side of the chair from the lever is a
pressed metal plate with a pair of indents. When you recline your seat initially, you
feel the seat stop when a pair of metal tabs inside the seat butt up to these indents.

Pushing passed these indents will bend the internal metal tabs out of the way, allowing
the seat to recline further. Doing so won't affect the function of the seat or the ratchet
system, neither will it damage the spring inside. It will not reduce the safety of the seat
in a crash. The stop is just built in to stop people reclining too far and driving.

The only change in function is the seat back won't spring forward when you pull the lever.
You have to pull the lever and manually adjust the seat back to the required position.

Personally I prefer this over the violent slap in the back of the head that you get from the
seat back when you normally pull the adjustment handle. And when you pull the handle
standing from the back of the car, you can now push the seat forward with the other hand
instead of watch it violently leap forwards, smash into the dashboard or steering wheel and
crush all the stuff you left on the seat. If you have the ignition on, the driver's side seat
back will press the horn button which can make you jump.

I guess I'm not a fan of things hitting the airbags.

If you are the sort of person who likes to adjust their seat as they drive instead of setting it
properly before pulling away, don't do this mod as you'll need both hands to adjust the seat.

I Like The Recline But Want The Back To Spring Forward

Why not just hyper recline the passenger seat then?

Is There A Fix To Make Them Springy Again?

Yeah probably, take the mechanism off the seat and have a look.
You just have to find the bent tab each side and bend it back out again.

I Want To Complain About...

Let me stop you there, I'm not interested.

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