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Luggage Cover

You have 5 options when covering your luggage, read about them here.

Modification Details

The Three Original Covers

During the life of the smart fortwo, smart have released 3 official covers.
  • Hard cover
  • Straight soft cover
  • Shaped soft cover

    The hard cover was made in limited runs and is one of the rarest things to find on the smart.
    The alternative was a soft cover which was held in place by 3 bars. The original one was straight so you could still see into the boot, the updated version was shaped around the boot lock and was slightly extended to totally cover the boot.

    DIY Hard Cover

    In the early days, people used to use parcel shelves from the Citroen AX.
    The alternative was making your own from MDF.
    See here.

    Custom Soft Cover

    We all know that custom stuff is good and that cheap custom stuff is better.
    This is why I decided to get one of these.

    Made from leatherette, this soft cover mimics the shaped cover made by smart.
    The leatherette is strong, looks like leather but doesn't need treating like leather.

    If you are an avid watcher of smart bits on Ebay you will have seen them before.
    They are custom made in Bulgaria and the quality is excellent.
    You can see why some smart dealers order from this guy instead of stock.

    Check out
    Smart-Mania's Ebay Shop.

    Generally all his item carry the smart logo but he can do almost anything you want.

    Fitting A Luggage Cover

    Take the two poles and place them into the cover, leave the middle one out.

    Slot the rear bar into place.

    Put the remaining middle bar in place at the back of the boot.

    The front of the cover can rest in the rear holes when you work on the engine.

    Pull the cover forwards and clip the rods in place.

    That's it, job done. You can close the boot, you will notice that the shaped
    design of the cover ensures that there is no way to view the contents of the boot.

    Luggage Cover Bars

    If you get the smart standard luggage cover you will get the bars with it, they are 10mm thick
    hollow steel rods painted in black with rubber bungs on each end. These stop the bars rattling.
    These standard rods are good but when they bend, they stay bent and cause the cover to sag.

    If you bought an aftermarket luggage cover you may receive hollow aluminium poles.
    These are lighter but are more prone to bending as they are weaker than steel.

    The best alternative is to make your own from wooden doweling. Wood allows the poles to bend
    but they spring back into shape and have a very good strength compared to metal.

    Get to your local hardware or wood shop and buy some 15mm pine dowel.
    You will need to cut three different lengths. 99.5cm, 108.5cm and 109.5cm.

    Sand the edges and give each end a couple of wraps of black electrical tape.
    This reduces noise and also reduces the amount the bars will slip around.

    The shortest pole goes at the back nearest the floor. The longest one goes above it.
    The pole you have left obviously goes in the remaining front hole.

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