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Painting With Nail Varnish

It had to happen eventually, living with me rubbed off with a modification

Modification Details

When you think of colouring car parts you automatically think of spray paints, but
there is another source of colouring specially designed for plastic and comes in
colours you just won't get paint in unless you get it custom made. Plus for a few
quid you can get flip, metallic, pearl, flake and holographic effects.

While on one of her shopping trips, my ex came across a nail varnish
that matched a few outfits plus it matched some blue parts on her car.

No sooner was she back, she was 'borrowing' my stalk caps and pod rings from my
spares box and covering them in nail varnish. The finished effect is very good.
Depending on the quality of the nail varnish you can get smooth or a hammered finish.

The pod ring above has had one coat of a very cheap nail varnish and will
probably require another one or two coats to get a decent finish.

The stalk cap didn't take long and two coats was fine, the mottled finish of the
cheap nail varnish adds a lot of depth and texture to the finished part.

Don't be limited by single colours or finishes, nail varnish can be mixed like normal paints
so you can lighten, darken or change any colour. You can also get sparkly clear coat that
can be applied over the top of any of the other colours or even on its own.

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