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Roadster Bonnet Cable

Modification Details

This page will show you have to fix a broken bonnet cable for cheap using better quality parts.

If your cable has snapped, you'll have to force the bonnet open. They almost always snap at the bonnet catch.

Remove The Lever

Here is the lever that opens the bonnet, it's in the glovebox.

It's held in place with a single screw. Remove it.

The lever will now pull out of the hole.

Flip it over and you'll see the cable end. This end type is called a barrel. It's 7mm in diameter.

Change The Inner Cable

Pull the lever. This gives you a better angle to unclip the cable end.

You can then pull the inner cable all of the way out of the outer cable and then pull the lever off.
Leave the outer cable in place.

It runs up behind the dash to a point you can't get your hands to. It passes through a grommet in the bulkhead.

Then forward to the bonnet catch.

Remove the 2 bolts holding the catch in place. Yours will be different.

Lift the catch out of the body. This is what it should look like.

If you are changing yours, this part has probably snapped anyway. If not, unhook it...

...and detatch the outer cable.


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