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Roadster Dash Button Removal

Modification Details

These are the dash top buttons. On the fortwo you have the same thing but it's in a triangle shape.
You may hear this button set called the safety triangle. That's why.

You will always have the central locking button and hazard light button.
Below that, depending on your model you can have:

Rear screen heater button.
Passenger heated seat button.
Driver heated seat button.
Air conditioning button.

This button bank is also the source of light for the heater slider symbols. See later on for more details.

Removal is simple. Place a lever tool in at the nearest edge and lever upwards. A plastic tool shouldn't scratch.

Clips will disengage from the leading edge and you can pull it towards you and lift.

Look underneath to find the electrical connector. Disconnect it to remove the button bank from the car.

Roadster Heater Lighting

This is a typical Roadster 4 button layout, this one is from a Brabus.

Remove the screws circled in red with a Torx 8 bit.

Remove the black cover.

Lift the PCB from the surround.

The heater lighting bulb should be obvious, it's bright orange.

Twist it to disconnect it.

The bulb is a B8.5D (sometimes known as a 509T).
LED's don't work very well in this setting unless specially designed for the purpose.

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