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Roadster Glove Box

Modification Details

Here is the Roadster glove box.

Probably contains 0% gloves and 100% wheel bolt key, napkins and sweets.

Open the glove box using the normal method. There's a plastic stay on each side that holds the flap in a set position.
Push both of these stays towards the front of the car and...

...drop the glove box flap even further to release the top hooks of the stays.

At a certain point, the flap will suddenly drop off.

If you wish to open up the flap to change the lock, remove the Torx screws...

...and lift the cover off. This reveals the lock and the latch mechanisms.

The lock is integral to the handle which is hinged at the top with a metal pin.

Grab that pin with pliers and slide it out.

The handle and lock will now drop out.

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