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Roadster Heater Knob Snapped

Modification Details

You don't get to see most of what is going on behind the heater knobs. Here's what you see normally.

This is what is going on behind the covers.

When one of your heater sliders snaps because you're a cack-handed caveman, getting the broken part
out is an absolutely nightmare. Access is terrible and people resort to tweezers and small screwdrivers.

You need to gain as much access as you can. Remove the pods, dash top buttons and centre air vent.

The pocket that the slider pushes into is a blind hole. We can change that.

Take a small drill bit, 2.5mm to 3mm, and drill a hole in the back of the control arm.

If you don't have room to swing a drill, you can use a soldering iron or heat up a nail with a flame.

Grab a pokey pokey tool, dental tool or a small nail...

...and poke it into the hole.

Hoorah! The part is now out. Go to smart and buy replacements and don't be so heavy handed next time.

You fat handed twat.

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