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Roadster Speedo Removal

Remove the Roadster speedo to change the LEDs or the dial face

Modification Details

Look under the steering wheel cowl, you will see 4 holes. Remove the Torx10 screws.


Lift the surround behind the speedo to remove it.

Split the upper and lower cowls and lift the speedo.

Lift the speedo and disconnect the wiring connection by pressing the back and
swinging the locking arm over to unclip it. Never pull the connector by the wires.

 Take the speedo and base from the car and flip it over to reveal the underside.
Remove the 2 Torx10 screws and the speedo will be free from the base if required.

If you want to remove the fabric/leather surround from around the speedo, it just pulls off.
It is clipped in all around. Just lever and lift it off.

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