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Roadster Trip Computer Fitting

Heres the guide to fitting the trip computer to the roadster

Modification Details

The Roadster trip computer is an addition for the roadster to include information
like mileage / speed etc, you can find more information here

If your Roadster has the boost and coolant temperature pods installed and working, then this will just work,
if you have no pods then it'll still work but you will need to go hunting for the wiring connection.
It's usually taped up to the wiring loom behind the stereo but can be anywhere behind the centre console.

You need the following parts to get this working. You buy these parts from smart.

SQ0013120V002C59Z0 trip computer
SQ0013157V004C22A0 switch face
SQ0013156V004C96A0 switch frame

Button Relocation

Basically we are going to move the button bank down into a lower drawer and install the trip computer in its place.

Remove your stereo, and custom surround if you changed from the original, there are 5 clips
on the original face, 3 top and 2 bottom, releasing the top and pulling and the facia will pop off.


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