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S100 Stereo Fitting

So, you bought an S100 stereo. Fitting is easy.

Modification Details

The Problem

The Radio 9 and Radio 10 stereos in the 451 were OK for what they were. They had a CD player, audio inputs and that's about it. They weren't a bad design but they didn't really do anything special. In October 2009 to September 2010 there was also an option of a Pioneer AVIC-310BT which finally brought satellite navigation to the 451 as standard. However, the screen was small and it was an aftermarket unit so it never looked like it was supposed to be there.

What was needed was an OEM looking stereo that fitted the pre-facelift 451,
a stereo that had features and didn't cost an absolute shed load of money.

When the 451 had a facelift in October 2010 it received 2 new stereos. 1 was a touch screen
sat nav but there were problems. Firstly, it didn't fit the 2007 to 2010 model due to the dash
redesign. It could be made to fit though. The main problem was it wasn't very good and the
sat nav software was poorly done, out of date and expensive to update maps, no full postcode
search and firmware issues that caused the unit to forget the units of measurement it displayed.

S100 Smart Stereo

This Chinese unit is loosely based on an amalgamation of the Radio 9 in the 451 and the Navigator in
the Forfour. It looks like a standard design and matches the interior just like an OEM stereo would.

I bought mine from Ice Box Auto in the UK. They ship all over the world and they will give you a guarantee and back-up
unlike Chinese sellers. I found them to be only about £20 more expensive than the Chinese sellers but you wouldn't
get charged import duty if you buy from Ice Box Auto and you are in the UK. You buy the unit, it is shipped to them.
They check it and supply sat nav software on an SD card.

Fitting The S100

Fitting is very easy. Unlike some stereos that have a single wiring loom with every connector on it, the S100
comes with separate wiring looms so you can decide what you are going to add to the system. This is the S100...

...and here are all of the accessories. You have camera input, audio and video in and out, iPhone/iPod connector,
3G dongle extension lead, USB extension lead, aerial adapter, microphone, GPS antenna and a power cable.

The power cable is already wired to work perfectly with 451s that had a Radio 9 or 10 fitted.

Remove your old stereo (this one is a Radio 9).

Don't forget the screw hidden behind the button bank.

Unscrew and unplug the old stereo and you are ready to fit the S100.

Look on top of the S100 and you'll see 2 screws that need removing.

Plug in the power connection, GPS antenna and aerial adapter. These are the minimum
connections you will need. You can add the others if you require them.

1 issue I found with fitting was a small plastic tab at the top of the hole in the dashboard, just below the heater controller. It interfered with the back of the S100 and wouldn't let it slide into position. Cut this tab off.

Plug the old aerial connection into the other end of the aerial adapter. Slide the stereo in and screw it in place.

Refit the fascia and the button bank and fitting is complete.
Take the micro SD card supplied by Ice Box Auto, open the flap labeled MAP and slide it in.

You can now turn the car on, read through the manual and set up your stereo.

What Cars Do They Fit?

Fortwo 451 from January 2007 to September 2010.
Forfour all models.

Will It Fit The Facelift 451 (October 2010 onwards)?

Not as standard but with a bit of heavy handed hacking it might, look here.

Wiring Connections

The plugs are listed in a handy fashion on the top of the unit and in the instructions.
The S100 does not have the digital TV connections (7 & 8) but all other connections are present.

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