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Seat Belt Stops

Does your seat belt tongue drop all the way to the floor?

Modification Details

Normally, when the seat belt is not being worn, the tongue is held in place with a plastic stop. This stops the tongue slipping down to the end bracket and makes it easier to grasp from the sitting position. If the stop is missing, the tongue slides all the way down the side of the seat and you spend ages trying to retrieve it to put your seat belt on.

Below, you can see the round stop and on the right of that, the seat belt tongue.

These stops can randomly pop off, end up in your lap and drop onto the floor when you get out of
the car. Even if you find the parts, you can't reattach them as 1 side is deformed when it's fitted.

So, if you lose your seat belt stop, you'll need to buy replacements. These can be bought from
eBay for about £1 each. They come in 2 parts, a side with a hole and a side with a spike.

If you measure 50cm back from where the seat belt bolts into the seat, you should see remnants of a hole.

The hole side of the stop is normally on the side that the tongue lays.

Take the spike side and push it through the centre of the seat belt webbing.

Place the hole side over the spike.

Other sites will tell you to use pliars. This won't work. Companies will also sell you a £25 setting tool. These also
don't really work. So don't waste your time and do it right. Find yourself a Torx screwdriver with a head that
just fits into the hole. In my case, a Torx 25 was perfect. Heat it up over a candle, gas gun or oven gas burner.

Don't use a cigarette lighter as they aren't designed to burn for long enough to heat the screwdriver.
Lighters melt and start to fall apart, they can even explode. So don't use a lighter.

Push the hot Torx driver into the hole, this melts and deforms the spike.

The great thing about the Torx driver is the shape it melts will anchor the 2 sides incredibly well.

A few seconds later, the plastic will harden and the seat belt stop will be set in place.

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