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The Ignition Switch

If, like me, you take things apart and curse when they fall into their component parts, this will help you reassemble it. If your ignition switch is a bit hit and miss, have a look inside it.

Modification Details

Remove the SE Drive and slide out the insert, locate the clips that hold the ignition switch in place (circled in red), bend them out a bit and slide the ignition switch unit out.

Here is the unit removed from the SE Drive. There are 5 tabs around the outside,
carefully lever the back off with a screwdriver or a knife.

With the back loose, remove it and tip out the contents of the switch.

You can see the top and bottom sections of the unit, the other parts are.
  • White plastic rotor - this connects to the key barrel.
  • Three springs - create an equal pressure on the contacts.
  • Main contact - turns to bridge the necessary contacts.
  • Ball bearing - causes definite movement in the key barrel.

    Take the top part of the unit and place the ball bearing in the hole.

    Place all 3 springs into the holes in the white plastic rotor.

    Place the triangle contact plate onto the springs.

    Locate the indent in the rotor (circled in red).
    This indent should be located directly over the ball bearing.

    Here is the rotor in situ, correctly positioned with the contact plate in place.

    Carefully replace the back of the unit.

    And push it down so all 5 clips engage.

    Slide the unit back into the SE Drive and test to see if it turns ok.


    It is very rare for the smart ignition to burn out but it can happen.
    Check the contact plate and rotary contact strips inside for any arcing.
    Lightly greasing the plate and contacts will reduce arcing and wear.

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