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Interior guides and mods

Warning Symbol Modification

Marc's idea was to remove the original warning displays and replace them to allow a LEDs to be used behind them and to give the dash a better look.

Modification Details

Here you can see the original speedo dial with integral warning lights,
the removal of which can be found

Start by removing the original symbols and coloured filter,
Marc used a small piece from a vinyl abrasive cleaning pad.
These can be bought from B&Q in the paint section.

Dip a small piece of the cleaning pad into alcohol.

Carefully scrub each section to remove the colour and symbol.

With the symbol and colour gone you are left with a plain window.

Using the images provided or your own designs...

...take some transparent sheet used for OHPs...

...and print all of the symbols. Ideally you want to use a laser printer and if your laser printer is accurate enough it is a good idea to pass the sheet through a few times.
This builds up the ink and only allows light to pass through the symbols.

With the acetate sheet printed out, cut out all of the symbols.

Place a piece of sticky tape over the printed side to help protect the ink.

Affix each symbol in place with a couple of dabs of clear glue in unseen areas.

With the symbol in place you can now finish all the remaining symbols.
When everything is in place and glued down you can use black electrical tape
on all the edges to stop any light bleeding from around the new symbols.

The new symbols are clear so are perfect for back lighting with a coloured twist fit LED.

Additions to the project

If you have enough patience and time you could print the symbols in the correct
places on the transparent sheet, this would ensure the symbols were all straight
and would make gluing the resulting symbols down alot easier.

Thanks again to ProgFrog from
ClubSmartCar in Canada for this excellent 'how to'.

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