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Wiper Rear Cover Removal

Apart from having to access this area to replace the wiper motor, you have to get into it if your rear window squirter pipe comes off or snaps.

Modification Details

Water Running Down The Rear Window?

If it happens a lot then it will be the seals, just clean them properly.
But if the water runs down the rear window when you use the rear window
squirter, it is because the rubber pipe has come off from the connection.

Gain Access To The Wiper Motor

Find yourself a Torx 25 bit and remove the 2 screws on both sides.

Look into the narrow gap under the panel and you will see 3 tabs.

Use a flat blade screwdriver to unclip them by bending them down until they click.

Hold the glass horizontal with the ground with your chest,
pull the furthest part of the panel down slightly and then towards you.
The reason for this is there are 4 clips on the nearest edge to you.

Slide the panel back in place making sure the clips (highlighted with red lines)
line up and clip back into the correct place.
Hold the panel back in place and replace the 4 screws.
Use a screwdriver to push the tabs back in place.
The position of the 3 tabs are highlighted with red arrows.

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