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453 Fortwo Sequential Indicators

Modification Details

453 Fortwo Sequential Indicators

Check out the fitting video. It's easier to show the sequential effect than explain it.

They are available on the smartmods website for purchase.

Will They Fit The 453 Forfour?

No, the Forfour indicator is different.

Will They Be Available For The Forfour?

Unlikely, no matter what you may read elsewhere.

The reason that these are available for the 453 fortwo is that it has the same indicators as many other Renaults.

Clear Or Smoked Lenses?

The ones in the video are obviously clear and Smartmods will be selling clear only at first.
It's because the minimum order quantity was quite high so we wanted to see how well they sell first.

This doesn't stop you using tinting spray though. If you want smoked lenses, register your interest at:

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