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CANbus Ready LEDs

Modification Details

Do I Need CAN Bus Safe LEDs?

No. If anything, you should actively steer clear of them.


Smart vehicles do not use the CAN Bus to monitor the lights.
On some vehicles like BMWs etc, the car monitors the bulbs to tell you if they have failed.

It does this by measuring the resistance of the bulbs.
If the bulbs fail, you get very high resistance.
If the bulbs short circuit, you can get a very low resistance.

LEDs don't have very much resistance so CAN Bus cars see them as faulty.

But I Can Still Use Them Right?

Sure, if you like LEDs that fail very quickly.

Why Do They Fail?

The CAN Bus LEDs introduce resistors in parallel with the power and earth.
This creates enough resistance that a CAN Bus car sees the LEDs as a good bulb.

The problem is, when you put power through resistors, they heat up.

Nothing kills LEDs faster that excessive heat.


The legend that is Big Clive has covered this problem far better than I ever could.

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