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Custom Air Freshener

Standard air fresheners generally smell terrible, let's make one that doesn't.

Modification Details

Car air fresheners usually smell so bad I would rather smell the odour it is trying to mask.
They always smell sickly, fake or that toilet freshener spray that apparently smells of flowers.
That's why I had never thought about car air fresheners. That was until I got to work and saw a work mate refilling his with an unofficial source. It got me thinking. 

There are loads of nice smells available so let's make our own and save money in the long run.
Have you seen the cost of refills! Even top of the range perfume doesn't cost that much for so little.

What you need to buy is an air freshener that can take a refill. I got an Ambi Pur one.

If you have any skin allergies then wear gloves. Pull the wick out of the end of the refill bottle.

The fragrance is drawn up the narrow wick by capillary action to the larger wick.
The larger wick distributes the fragrance to give it more surface area.

Pull the wick out and squeeze as much of the old fragrance out as possible using toilet roll.

Surgical spirit will dilute the fragrance and help you get more out. The spirit then evaporates.

Empty the old fragrance out, rinse the bottle with surgical spirit or soap and let it dry.

Now you can replace the fluid with your favourite aftershave, EDT, perfume,
essence, fragranced oil, or in my case, Olbas oil (ahh, fresh).

Fill the bottle halfway with your desires smelly liquid (this might take a lot of pumping if
you can't get the top off). Push the wick back into its holder and the whole assembly back
into the bottle. Hold upside down for 10 seconds to help distribute the liquid.

Slot the bottle into the holder and fit to your car dash vent.

Ensure these type of fresheners stay upright so they don't leak or drip as any
liquid could damage the plastics, electrics or upholstery of your car.

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