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Memory Key

For the release of the new smart fortwo (451), many dealers gave out goodie bags. One thing was a memory card in the shape of the new smart key.

Modification Details

This is the official original memory key given out by smart at the 451 release.

Thanks a lot to Chris for the picture.
See below for pictures of one taken apart.

Make Our Own

You need to get yourself an old key surround and a memory stick.
The key doesn't need the blade or the electronics inside.
The memory stick needs to be short enough to fit inside the fob.

I bought one of these from Ebay. This is very small, yours needn't be as small.

Crack the case open. Most memory sticks are way smaller than the cases that surround them.

I was lucky that I didn't need to remove any more surround than this.
I would recommend stripping it right back to the bare board.

Measure what size hole you need in your key fob and start whittling.
Be careful of your fingers but it is essential you cut yourself at least once.
To tidy the hole up I found it to be much easier to use a small file.

When the memory stick fits in the hole, stop whittling.

Now start whittling the top section of the key fob. Cut yourself accidentally once more.
Eventually you are left with a key fob with a big hole that the memory stick can poke out of.

Get the most powerful glue that your parents will allow you to play with.
Glue the memory stick into the key and when that has dried you are done.

You can glue the top of the key fob down if you wish.
Also, if your memory card has flashy lights, drill a small hole in the case so you can see it.

Remember to check which way the memory stick goes up before gluing it in place.

Job done, you now have a memory stick in the style of the smart key with the added
bonus that it has four times the capacity of the ones that smart gave away.

The Official Memory Key

As mentioned previously, this is the official smart memory key.
It was given out as part of a goody bag at some smart dealers when the 451 was released.

Of course, I had to take it apart just so you don't have to. Purely scientific and all that.

The two halves came apart quite easily with help from a knife and a screwdriver.
It is held together by 3 pins that are glued, obviously these snapped on opening.

With it all apart you can see how basic it is. The plastic parts have 'golden' on one side and 'dragon'
on the other. The PCB and chip are cheaply thrown together. It is a PFC 256mb memory chip and
was covered in resin blobs and fingerprints. The underside has a tiny LED on the PCB which
illuminates when plugged into a USB port, you obviously don't see it when the key is whole.

It was all glued back together, works perfectly and looks the same as before.
The buttons on the top of the key are fake, they do not depress or do anything.

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