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Tinting Spray

Tinting spray is a mixture of coloured paint and laquer that can be applied to plastic lights to achieve a coloured tint.

Modification Details

How To Use

Tinting spray is very easy to use if you prepare. Don't try to tint glass, this product
is for plastic and is meant for tinting lights. That of course doesn't mean headlights.

Don't spray in cold temperatures as the finish will be terrible.

Give the plastic you are going to tint a gentle warming with a hairdryer, there is no need
to key the area with sandpaper but clean it thoroughly to get any grease and grime off.

Shake the can to mix the contents, Spray light even coats from about 45cm away
(check the can).Use the hairdryer to help dry the tint once applied and leave it
about 10 minutes before applying the next coat to allow it to harden.

Keep applying the coats until you reach the level of tint you require.

The Secret Step

The picture below shows a pair of side repeaters that have been sprayed
in exactly the same way (same time, same temperature, same number of
coats). So why is the left one glossy compared to the right one?

This is the finishing move that they don't mention on the can. We are going to polish it.
Tinting spray is a mixture of paint and laquer, using a standard car paint polish
you can bring the tint up to a nice glossy shine. The finish actually looks darker
but lets more light through than the unpolished version.

It takes a bit of elbow grease but the final result is much better.

Firstly, leave the tint to dry for 24 hours, this hardens the finish and allows for a better shine.
Grab a clean towelling cloth and place a little splodge of car paint polish into it.
Rub the cloth vigorously over the tinted item until you reach the shine that you desire.

Can I Tint My Plastic Rear Quarter Windows?

Actually, yes you can. My advice is to remove them first (info
found here).

Clean them as well as you can and apply the tinting spray to the inside of the window.
Light even coats will give you a better finish. Getting an even tint isn't easy but is rarely noticable.

What Else Can I Tint?

Side repeaters and rear lights are the main things to tint. Don't over do it though, you
want some light coming through. Steer clear of tinting the red rear reflectors, if you do tint
them, fit replacement reflectors on the bumper to stay legal.

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