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More info added to some pages

This page now contains a list of recommended coolants from Mercedes sheet 325 and 326. This page now contains information and smart part number of the recommended brake fluid. This page now contains info on drying out a wet SAM unit which could save you hundreds of...

All 3 videos are now in HD and for sale section updated

After seeing the poor visual quality of the videos after YouTube had compressed them I decided to redo them all in high definition (720). Now you can actually read the instructions. 451 air filter 451 service panel removal stereo removal A few extra things now...

Another quick video added

How to remove the front service panel on the smart 451. I got to grips quite quickly with Garageband so I could add a quick bit of music, also experimented a bit with picture in picture to show more detail.

Injector specifications and VIN update

Injector specs. VIN info fully updated with 451 info and extra pictures. My crap low speed Tiscali broadband connection has finally uploaded my new video, you can see it here. Stereo removal. More videos coming soon, just have to find some very short songs or mash up...

The long awaited Angel Eyes information

There have been quite a few people waiting for this info to come up. Angel Eyes on your 450 fortwo Angel Eyes on your 451 fortwo These kits aren't yet listed on the SmartMods website but they will be later on today and will only cost £30 including delivery for a kit...

Expect a few new things over the weekend.

Firstly, I have been going mad at Vistaprint getting loads of free business cards etc, some great designs so take advantage as they have a load of free stuff available at the moment. I have a load of info and mods ready to to be put on the site over this weekend so...

1 video and 1 review added.

iPod charger and inline amplifier review Video: changing the smart fortwo 451 air filter. As you can see, I now have my iMac and have been learning how it all works. Expect more videos to accompany written mods as we go on. Thanks to everyone who donated and signed...

The Smart Club 4Site Magazine

Evilution now has a regular spot writing in 4Site magazine created by The Smart Club, so click the link and go check it out.

Something something something, Darkside.

Extra info has been added to the 451 oil change page. Fit standard tweeters to your 451. Fit the S-Mann rear spoiler to your 451. Fit the S-Mann side skirts to your 451 The for sale page has been added to and the price of the sat nav reduced. If you want to help the...

New review – K1

The smallest GPS speed camera detector you can buy, probably one of the cheapest too.

New stuff being added

I was asked about cylinder head bolt torques, this was the easiest way to explain it. Upper dash board removal. The following were added during the update. Fitting a Roadster hard top. Dismantle the hard top. Fit the Brabus Roadster handbrake.

Welcome to Evilution version 3, enjoy your stay.

Unless this is your first time or you are blind you will have noticed that things have changed. Currently we are working through bugs that we find and tracking down pictures that might be missing. The site is about 90% operational, we are aware of particular problems...

Seasons greetings.

We hope you had a good Christmas and all the best for the new year from all of us at Evilution.

OK, bit of a strange request.

Are you in a good band that plays their own stuff? Do you have a load of tracks already recorded with a decent sound quality? If so, would you like your songs to appear on videos made for These videos will be viewed by thousands of people and you...

How much has the Evilution site saved you?

How much money have you save by doing your own work using the info from this site? How much time have you saved by knowing the info before you started the job? At an economic time like this, it is doubly important to save money but please remember us who run the site....