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Grundig Stereo Manual

Face info Display info Sound settings Radio info CD mode Expert settings Theft protection They are currently a bit messy in places, I will look at tidying them soon. updated

Part numbers added to is a side project in conjunction with John Porter (Smartypartfast from the forums). John works for smart In Hertford and is the parts master that most clued up people use. Go check it out, bookmark the...

A few things for you.

Fuel cap solenoid info has been updated to cover replacement of the unit. Stiff steering? Universal joint maintenance Replace a faulty handbrake switch.

A few things should be added today

The monthly statistics on the site are in. 42Gb! Strip down and rebuild of the ignition switch. Fuel magnets, do they work? Plus a great prank.

Wiring info now being added

Gear shift wiring colours and connections. ESP unit wiring connections. Instrument cluster wiring connections. ECU wiring connections.

Rear Wheel Bearing Replacing

Replace the rear wheel bearing. Thanks to Alan Lee for the info and pictures. I will add extra pictures in time and also add front bearing replacement as I do it.

WIKI Problems

Due to a code problem, none of the wiki contributed info actually made it to us with any information on it. for the past 2 days. We are aware of 5 contributions that had been made. If you did contribute some info, can you please do so again.