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450 Front Panel Removal

Guide to show you how to remove the front panels

Modification Details

At first there was very few reasons to remove the front panels, maybe to change the headlight bulb
or replace a damaged section etc. Now however, front panel removal is becoming more common
place as people install oil radiators, better horns, lights etc.

Despite it seeming like a nightmare task it is relatively easy as long as you have a bit of space,
an extra pair of hands comes in handy too.

Remove the grill.

On the inside of the fog lights a T25 Torx screw that need to be removed. (circled)

The top screw is plastic, you will have to pull out the insert too.
Open the doors and remove the five Torx 25 screws from both sides.

The plastic triangles in front of the mirrors will now pull away.

Remove the Torx screw hidden underneath with a Torx25 bit.

Unscrew the aerial.


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