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451 Wing Mirror Caps

How to remove and refit the decorative wing mirror trims to the 451 wing mirrors

Modification Details

The Proper Way

Remove the wing mirror glass
to access the tabs inside the housing that hold the cap in place.

With the mirror off you will find 2 lower clips (circled below)...

...and 2 upper clips (also circled below)

The above 2 pictures were taken with the cap removed so you can see the clips.

Using a sunny spot (or a torch) and a thin flat blade screwdriver, go in to each hole and lift the
tab over each of the clips. Start with the lower 2 and gently pull the bottom of the cap outwards.

Then release the top clips and lift the cap up.

The cap will now come clear of the wing mirror housing.
You can now clearly see the 4 clips and tabs.

Patrick H had problems removing the mirrors because of the clip inside the pivot.
Personally I have never had this clip stop me removing the cap, it just released.
If you are having issues, just push the clip in and it'll disengage.

To refit the cap, insert the top 2 tabs first and push the cap down. Once they have
engaged you can push the bottom of the cap in until the lower 2 tabs click in place.

The Quick Way


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