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Roadster Exhaust Valance

If you are fitting a Brabus or similar style of exhaust to your Roadster, you will need a new valance.

Modification Details

General information

 Smart can sell you an unpainted Brabus part for £84.99 but you will have to paint this yourself
to match your car. There are plenty of aftermarket ones available and for this mod I've chosen
the S-mann black painted one which costs the same.

OK, so you have your centre exit exhaust and matching valance. If you are upgrading from a standard exhaust (like here although mine at present is a Janspeed stealth) you will need to remove the cover and cut the exising frame. You then install the new valance over the top.

Let me show you with a spare rear section and the new part.

Line them up so you can see where you need to cut later.

Let's do it on the car. One car with exisitng plastic trim in place.

There are 4 plastic clips on the lower section of this as well as 3 metal clips at the extremities.
Unclip the bottom clips and work from one end to the other, some brute force and it pops off.
The picture below shows the points of the clips and the metal clips at the ends.

These are standard smart panel clips that just lever off.

Lining up the panel you can see what needs cutting. Mark it up with a bit
extra so that the new valance can slide over the top of the original piece.

Take a Dremel or a hacksaw and cut away the centre section.

When you are happy with what you have cut and can push the new panel on with no issues,
it's time to screw it in place. The S-mann part used has 4 lower screw holes prepared and
one top middle. I used these holes as guide to make small pilot holes for the screws to follow.

Once it is all screwed in place it should end up looking something like this.

Do excuse this clean car ;) now go fit the center exhaust and your meshing back in.

Once everything is on, including the exhaust, remove the protective covering.


To strengthen the new assembly it would be worth preparing all of the mating faces and
bonding it in place with a product such as Tigerseal or Sikaflex. The supplied screws should
hold it in place while it sets and the final piece will be a bit more rigid than before. 

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