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Servicing guides and mods

450 Door Handle Maintenance

It has been known for the cable to come off or snap so let's have it apart and have a look.

Modification Details

Remove the Torx27 screw.

Lift rubber seal and at the same time wriggle the handle towards
the back of the car(about 1/2 cm)then pull outwards.

Push the lever towards the front of the car with the white stopper on.
Slide back lift off the outer black cable from its housing.
Slide off the inner cable from the lever

Re-grease the cables with a spray grease such as carplan 100+ to penertrate the
inside of the cables, do not use WD40 as this is more of a cleaner than a greaser.

Re-grease all the inside of the lock.

Grease the bottom of the door handle.

Refitting is the reverse of above.

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