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Servicing guides and mods

450 Fog Light Bulb Change

The fog light bulbs shouldn't die too often as they are rarely used but if they do give up you will need to get them fixed for the MOT.

Modification Details

Remove the front grill by following the first part of this guide. Or if you have the front panels off,
you can leave the fog lights in place and remove the bulbs easily from the back.

Remove the 2 screws from the bottom of the light and unscrew the white plastic adjuster screw.

The opening instructions are moulded into the back of the fog lights.
I did these ones with the fog lights still in the panels.

Grip end of fog light and twist anticlockwise, it will twist 1/8th of a turn to release.

Push the 2 spring clips inwards to release the bulb.

The clip will pivot out of the way and the bulb will come out.

Pull the live connection from the cap. It's just a spade connector.

The replacement bulbs are H3 (453). Just plug in the live connector and clip the bulb in place.
It can only go in 1 way round due to the shaped cut outs on each side of the bulb base.

When Fitting The Fog Lights

Remember that the 2 metal screws in each should be tight but the plastic bolt should not be
fully tightened. This bolt is the adjuster. Turn the fog lights on and adjust the white bolt until the
light cut off point is level with the fog light that hasn't been moved. If both bulbs had blown and
both units were removed, you will have to guess at the level until you can get it checked at a garage.

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