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450 Fuel Filter Replacement

Not the easiest thing to get to but it helps to know where to look.

Modification Details

Fuel Filter

Petrol Model

The fuel filter is quite well hidden, it is behind the offside rear wheel arch.
Jack the car up, remove the wheel and remove the arch liner.

It is not uncommon for these filters to split and leak, the leak is hard to notice
apart from the smell of petrol as it fills the undertray before dripping from the car.

Diesel Model

On the diesel model, the fuel filter is quite well hidden, it is behind the nearside rear wheel arch.
Jack the car up, remove the wheel and remove the arch liner. Lowering the undertray could also help.

The filter looks the same as above. If you see a larger vertically placed canister, that's the water separator.

Thanks to Bil Gladstone from ClubSmartCar (Canada) for the photo. R.I.P Bil, you won't be forgotten.

Fuel Filter Removal

On each end of the filter is a connector with an orange clip. To disconnect the pipe you
just have to push the orange clip in with your thumb or a screwdriver and pull the pipe.

The rear pipe can be seen a lot easier if you
drop the rear undertray and remove the arch liner.

When the pipes have been pulled off you will loose about 100ml of petrol into your sleeves
and all over your shoes. The filter can be pulled out from the plastic holder and replaced.

On restarting the car you will notice a long delay and spluttering as the fuel pump has
to refill the pipes and the fuel filter before it builds up enough pressure for the injectors.

The best way to stop this is to turn the ignition to 1, wait 3 seconds and then turn the key to 0.
Repeat this procedure 3 or 4 times, this allows the fuel pump to reprime the system.

450 Fuel Filter Makes & Numbers

Petrol 600cc and 700cc

ANT - SP7006
FRAM - G5857
FRAM - 10230 (Scott B)
MANN - WK612/1
UFI - 3171000

Diesel 800cc

ANT - SP7158
FRAM - P9805
MANN - WK612/6
UFI - 3183500

Fuel Tank

There are 2 types of fuel tank on the smart, the old 22 litre and the new 33 litre.

To see them you have to remove the screws from the rear undertray and swing it down.
As you can see, the 33 litre tank stretches across the car and has the carbon canister
attached to the side of it. The pump is located in the top of the tank and is not visible.

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