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Servicing guides and mods

450 Sliding Roof Servicing

Modification Details

Slide roof back and inspect the runners. They'll be full of old dirt, dust and other random shit.

A lot of this is due to the grease applied to the runners. It's a dust magnet.

Use a damp cloth to clean out as much as possible and then use a spray cleaner to get the rest.

Get a tube or tub of lithium grease and apply it into the runners with your Dad's toothbrush.

Treat the seals with rubber treatment. This keeps the rubber seals soft and pliable.

Clean further back into the roof guides also. You'll have to pull the rubber seal to one side.

Treat this rubber too... it can easily become damaged and begin to splits as can be seen here.

Operate the roof a few times to spread the grease around and you are done.

Ideal Lubrication

Ideally, the roof should not be lubricated at all. Just the standard plastic on plastic should be enough.
However, if your roof is sticking, clean it really well and see how well it works.

If it's still sticking, try a light layer of grease.
If that works, clean and reapply the grease every year to stop build up of debris.

If the roof is still sticking, you have a mechanical issue. You have no chance getting spares.

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